Guy stands up to judge and Judge admits he has no rights.


Guy stands up to judge and Judge admits he has no rights. from youtube by Sir Thomas
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So this is the first half of my traffic court where I challenge the jurisdiction of the court and am told what my rights are by a "Judge" Suprisingly the judge is the most calm and mellow judges I've ever seen. I'm hell bent on accerting my rights. Why are they written into a constitution, and we cant use them? This state was created on common law jurisdiction. No injury, no victim, No Crime. If the state's legislature passes laws that are incongruent with the constitution then those laws should be invalid. I'm seriously surprised I wasn't arrested but then again, as harsh as my standing was and the whole,"Stay white and die thing came from a movie, Norman Freeman and he said stay black and die so I don't need any comments calling me racist because you'd be wasting your energy typing opinions that I could care less about. I don't care if you think I'm fighting an uphill battle and I'll never win. I will, I know I will. And when I do, I'm going to law school to free every last imprisioned human I can who is truly innocent and didn't hurt a soul. There are too many laws on the books and if banks can constantly "credit" money into existence and no one seems to care, then me standing up to the machine should hopefully instill some balls into you. It's time to fight back for our rights people.

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