Life Lessons From A Hipster Mermaid Ep 3: "GO FOR THE COFFEE, STAY FOR THE BAND"


Life Lessons From A Hipster Mermaid Ep 3: "GO FOR THE COFFEE, STAY FOR THE BAND" from youtube by TraciJHines
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Episode 3 of a brand new webseries. Hipster Mermaid OG (Traci Hines) teaches some valuable life lessons. 3rd on the list? It's a tie between coffee & music ...with a side of roommate drama. But we're pretty sure you wanna start an indie band, so let's focus on that. We got you.

Hipster Mermaid: Traci Hines (
Hip Roommate: Jasmine Ladjevardi (
Hipster Dude: Leo Camacho (
Superfan: Jimmy Sherfy (
Lost Darlings Singer: Andrew Ducote (
Band Guitarist: Joshua Bracks (
Band Drummer: Cristina Vee (

Coffee Shop Hipsters:
Jenny Rae (
Charis Lincoln (
Jacob Lincoln (
Bebe Le' (@badkidbebe)
Tannah Moody (
Brittany Torres (@xburtkneex)
Justin "Juzz" Bracks (
Barry V (
Kelsie Nicole (

Benjamin Hines: Executive Producer
Jenny Rae: Co-Producer
Andrew Ducote: Camera/Edit
Victoria Ducote: Camera
Chase Fryday Jacobs: Writer
Lil Rae Cakes: Craft Services
Bebe Le': Production Assistant

"Hipster Mermaid Theme" by Traci Hines & Adam Gubman (

"Beyond The Sea"
Written by Charles Trenet
Music by Jack Lawrence & Charles Trenet
Performed by Hipster Mermaid & The Scuttlebutts

Special Thanks:
The Ladjevardi Family
Freckles Fairy Chest (
Creature of Habit (
Siren's Grotto (

An extra special thanks to our favorite super exclusive coffee shop:
Green Earth Coffee (
20025 Lake Forest Dr., #101
Lake Forest, CA 92630

Sponsored by Adorkable Apparel

"Life Lessons From A Hipster Mermaid" created by Traci Hines & Andrew Ducote

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