Mike Featured on Musical.ly / Snow Day, Yay! / Painting Fail (FUNnel Vision Winter Fun Vlog)


Mike Featured on Musical.ly / Snow Day, Yay! / Painting Fail (FUNnel Vision Winter Fun Vlog) from youtube by FUNnel Vision
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Recently Mike got featured on Musical.ly for our custom @changechallenge song and video we created. Musical.ly is an app where you can video yourself lip-syncing to popular songs and snippets! We also had a minor Snow Day, not a whole lot, but enough to have some fun, including throwing a snowball at Mom in the house! We also recently painted an official FUNnel Vision Challenge Plate (that we teased on our instagram a while ago @skylanderdad) ... but it got messed up! :(
Thumbs up for vlogs!

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